Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Writing: Slow, Cooking/Baking: Many New Recipes

I've slipped back into a planning mode.  I hate it when routine falters, but in the past week I've been busy with a lot of non-writing stuff.  There was problems with the AC, spending time deciding how to use all of my veggies from my garden, and feeling like I'm playing an eternal game of catch-up with the housework (thanks to my shedding puppy), and the tons upon tons of cooking/baking I've been doing.

Recently I've been working on perfecting a Lemon Poppyseed Scone recipe, and a good friend has been giving me authentic Chinese recipes to try out--and they've been a lot of fun, as well as yummy.

I'm hoping to back to my regular routine by the end of the week, but blog posts might be scarce till then.  Sorry!


  1. I sympathize completely. My routine is all out of whack because we've been without AC for over four weeks. In two days, we'll have the new unit installed, but man, it was a very long month. Good luck getting back into your regular routine. :)

  2. Thanks Christine! At our last place we were without the heater for over a month, through Dec and Jan, playing a part into why we moved in Feb. I sympathize with extended heating/cooling issues :/ Thankfully this time we have a very responsive landlord and the problem was fixed fairly quickly :)