Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'll Tumble 4 Ya Blogfest

Thanks Niki for this blogfest!

Blogfests really helped me get this blog off the ground, and now that life has been dousing me in unpleasantness, I'm hoping I can find more of these to brighten my day! I look forward to reading everyone else's posts.

So who was I crushing on in the 80's? I was too young :( I turned 7 in '90...but what was going on from '85-'87 was my parents' marriage falling apart, until it met with divorce, my mom took me and my baby brother to California and here's where we grew up. Soon after, my mom and step-dad met and he brought music into our lives.

My dad--(who's really my step dad)--is an amateur musician and filmaker. He introduced us to everything from Buddy Holly to Blondie.

And I have to admit that the sexiest 80's voice and songs--with the string of amazing music videos--was Bryan Adams.

I know, that might make me a tad lame, but I still crank up the radio for this song. And I sing along as loud as I can--with what little voice I have.

So here's to you Bryan Adams, I'll Tumble 4 Ya, provided it's '80's you :P
--unfortunately embedding the real music video was disabled. Copyrights, I s'pose, and all that :P So here's a German Band with my favorite cover of the song after wayyy too much time clicking through covers (and watch, I'll still listen to ten more before bed tonight).