My world. I've been working on it for 17 years and am too stubborn to abandon it. So here's the run down:

There are 8 continents:

  • Kordic
  • Ayerleone
  •  Zahr-Ayrleone
  •  Ithdae
  • Kyde-Tazmed
  • Dohan-Tazmed
  • Vennoi
  • Elkran

The magics are colors:

Gold -- The power of creation, the expert Gold Wielder has the ability to imitate all other magics seen as fragments of the pure Gold.

Silver -- Telepathy, sometimes telekinesis, most often used to alter perceptions of a situation--subtle alteration of thoughts.

Blue -- Ability to heal

Red -- Ahwin ability to sense and control objects in motion, used mostly to control the trajectory of distance weapons, at first in hunting and then in war.

Green -- Shaddaday ability to sense and control metal; initially used in mining after exposure to foreign threats it was used to forge swords, armor and fortresses

Orange -- Ability to shape-change, pass through solid objects, and an affinity for particular resources--initially used by nomadic scouts, became the magic of thieves

Violet -- Magical afinity with plants, weather and sometimes telepathic communication with animals.

Rose -- Ability to see the future, often but not always expressed in some sort of compulsive generation of images: painting, sewing, weaving, etc.  Only the individuals who posses a very strong Rose can actually discuss their visions, everyone else is left to interpret their art.

Gods are: 

Draden -- God of Magics, Creator of Don-Yin -- his aspect as Creator is both light and dark, and mostly removed. He rules both the living world and the afterlife.

Azoryn --born as the mortal Kanira and transformed by her twin daughters into the Goddess of Destiny

Carra --One of the Twin Goddesses, The Goddess of Trouble & Mischief (in her softer aspect) Goddess of War and Death in her darker aspect.

Ishelle -- One of the Twin Goddesses, The Goddess of Nostalgia, Ambition, and Dreams in her lighter aspect, Goddess of Envy, Deceit and Vengeance in her darker aspect

Nantha -- The daughter of Ishelle and the last Zinnian Sorcerer before the onset of the curse, Nantha is the Goddess of Beauty, Nobility, and Perseverance in her lighter aspect, and the Goddess of Isolation, Desperation and Prejudice in her darker aspect.

Tehjin --Carra's consort, God of Justice and Equality in his lighter aspect, God of Politics and Tyranny in his darker aspect.

The Ages: 

The Beginning Age-- foundation of the first city states, and the Kingdom of Rextiauna

The Age of Empires --Foundation of the Empires

The Age of the Curse -- Draden Curses Rextiauna and the whole globe tumbles into a dark era

The Age of the Great Wars -- Kordic reemerges and sets forth to conquer its ancient foes

The New Age -- Relative peace after the Culmination of the Great Wars

Age of the Stars' Empires -- Contact with Chontal is established and Don-Yin's sense of the Universe expands

The Empires:

Zinna -- on Zahr-Ayrleone an Empire with unprecedented Gold is established through genocide--the killing and displacement of individuals without the Gold.

Oremald -- The Maldian races, the Ahwin and Shaddaday join in an alliance that births a Kingdom on the islands skirting the northern shores of Ithdae. When the Ithdaen Kingdoms attack the Maldians, the Ahwin and Shaddaday retaliate and their magics transform their culture into a militaristic monarchy with a caste system based on magical ability.

 Kordic -- the slowest to emerge, but the largest Empire of all, Kordic spans an entire continent and swallowed its ancient Kingdoms (called Kosa, singularly and Kosam in the plural), Kordic is the only Empire to survive the onset of the curse, lapsing into centuries of feuding rather than all-out disintegration like Oremald and Zinna.

 The Grand Kingdoms:

Rextiauna -- exiles and rebels from all over Ayerleone came together to form one city state: Kottia-Rextian, but in time it expands to a Kingdom that controls half of the continent of Ayrleone, widely believed to be Draden's favorite for their emphasis on learning and pacifistic values, in time their role as Don-Yin's merchant and neutral party affects their sense of culture and greed leads to the erosion of the values that created Rextiauna. It is believed that Rextiauna is cursed by Draden for this reason, but all Don-Yin is transformed as Rextiauna proves to be the keystone holding the Empires both at bey and together.

Tazmaer-- ex-slaves from Kordic's expansion and influence on Kyde-Tazmaer take refuge in an earthquake-ridden valley between the two continents and model themselves after the then-mythic Rextiauna during the middle of the Great Wars.


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