Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shows I'm Watching: Misfits

This show is awesome if wildly inappropriate.  However, having now completed the first 3 seasons I fear that with 3 of the original cast now gone, I may not like the next season too much.

The premise is a bunch of late teens/young-twenty-somethings who are drafted into community service for having been charged with misdemeanors (public fighting, drunk driving, theft of bowling-ally-candies, etc) and are out picking up litter (or some such) when a storm comes along and strikes them all with lightening, granting them powers.

Not exactly superheroes, these characters are constantly on the defense of the world going to sh**.  As random dangers show themselves, the young people become very dangerous to their probation workers, who, on the periphery consistently end up exposed to the chaos that seems to follow our main characters.  And like all paranormal sorts of stories, where these abilities defy the natural order of the universe, the magical other worldliness is never good for the normals.

On a side note:  I love the show, but need to acknowledge that one of the actresses was arrested for racially aggravated assault against an individual (who, judging by the name) is likely of Middle Eastern Descent.  I do not approve of this and my support of the show is in no way a support of this behavior.

Lauren Socha, the actress in question, plays Kelly and is the sister to Michael Socha, who plays Tom in the original British version of Being Human. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden Carried Me Away

So the last two weeks I got my very first garden going.  Having been moved in for a few months, my focus has been on getting things-- life-- in roughly the order I require.

Also, in there, I had a week dedicated to job applications.  The hunt continues!

I have to say, the garden is really helping maintain routine.

Concerning the WIP, I hit a bump. I do this, much like with the blog--plunge headlong and then...tangent!... and off I am working on something else.  Sometimes this is because, like I did with the WIP, the direction the characters were leading me on was a little different than the one I thought I was on.  So...I break...and let the whole thing mull over in my head.

I have not always liked myself for these breaks.  I think I should be able to work as hard and focused as i know I am capable of--all the time.  But, part of this whole facing-myself-as-an-adult, is learning to accept my patterns as they are.

I can work better when I can work around myself, without holding to unrealistic expectations.