Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TV I'm Watching: Falling Skies Season Two

A year ago my guy and I were waiting for new shows starting in the fall, and this is when it got fun.  The last few years have seen a rise in SciFi and Fantasy across small and big screens.  These shows have been more than an escape, I've found more than a few inspiring.  The acting and story lines have gotten me very attached to characters, no matter if they are super-serious or somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

Falling Skies was chief on our list, with Moon Bloodgood (whom we loved in the show Journeyman, which only received a single season) and Speilberg producing.  We were not disappointed.

The show explores humanity in the backdrop of anarchy.  The hopeful have banded together under a militaristic banner, the disparate and barely connected arms of a rebellion. The leader of the 2nd Mass is a retired soldier (I am forgetting if he actually made general before the aliens came), and his 2nd in command is a history professor, with three sons.

The prof, played by Noah Wyle, lost his wife in the initial attack and is doing everything he can to keep his family together. The first season his main quest was recovering his middle son from imprisonment/enslavement with the aliens.

The prof was the hope of the group in season 1. But all hints of what is coming after he has returned from a very traumatic encounter are indicating that he is turning cynical and he and the general are going to shift rolls within the group (though I doubt the hierarchy will be altered).

Ok--I am trying not to give anything away, look up season 1 if you haven't.  If you stopped midway last season, I just want to say it gets really good.


  1. Yes, I have been following this since it started. I've been just a little disappointed with the first two episodes of this season; but then, it is time to add some changes, so I'm sticking with it. I think Noah Wyle is an excellent MC here.

    This program, and The Walking Dead are about the only two dystopian movies I've watched in a while (I liked the first couple resident evil and Underworld movies, but they pretty much wiped out their initial intrigue.)

    I like strong characters - meaning well developed and confident, not physically strong. Falling Skies, and Walking Dead, have excellent characters and well developed worlds. Not often you find a story that is intriguing with both plot and character.


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  3. Donna, I agree :) Though I have to admit I was prepared for the changes, because I read a few articles on "what was going to be different" in season two. So I know they mean for Noah's character to get much darker this season, though I think if I hadn't realized that they wanted this season to be much more pessimistic than the first, I might have been more disappointed with the direction they are going in. *spoilers*-- Right now I'm still not sure that Noah isn't somewhat indoctrinated, because he isn't questioning the "safe haven" idea as vehemently as someone who was offered a reservation-model by the aliens *should.* So I guess I'm thinking that they're all kinda falling into the plan...