Friday, June 29, 2012

Writing Progress

I’m working on producing at least one short story and one chapter a week.  I know that I often box myself in, expecting more than my current lifestyle permits.  But I’m working on that, and transparency helps.  

I’m human, and stuff comes up.  But I think that one short story and one chapter is not overly ambitious.

So here I’ll be stating my progress (at least for the rest of the year).

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Geeky News

This will be anything I find cool, from technology, movies, book releases, genre news, etc.  

I am a big geek (or nerd--though that is the term that instills the picture of Erkel in my brain and so I tend to avoid the term).  I love anything SFF-- if you haven’t realized already.  

I also love things a little more academic, so I might just share what I am learning at the time.  And it’s important to never stop learning :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book this Week

I am going to cover a book a week here on out, best that I can. Because I am not buying very many books at this point in time, I’m going to be going through my collection and reading all those books that I meant to get to, and bought in better times.  So some of these titles might be quite old.  

I do not want to go into so much detail on these books that I spoil it for other readers, so it will be quick summaries and responses.  

This will also be limited to whatever I’m reading at the time.  If I haven’t finished a book in a week (which has happened with everything that I’m enmeshed in), I’ll report on my progress.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TV I’m watching: Continuum

This is a twist on the distopian future, where the police woman and terrorists (rebels) attempting to upset the tyrannical corporate-owned world go back in time.  Our policewoman (or Protector) was carried there by an accident, and all she wants is to catch the gang and get back to her husband and son.

It is SciFi, distopia, and procedural in one.  

The twist I’m enjoying is that while the future is not one I’d be pleased with, and I expect the main character (Kira) to begin to question some of the things she takes for granted, the rebels are not heroes.  They are terrorists.  Good is relative, and gray dominates, making it uncertain where the show will go. I like that uncertainty, it keeps me watching.

Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 Midway Through

I started out this year saying: “2012 will be better!” and mostly, that’s been true.

The trials have been different this year, and I have found some excellent friend-support, in the form of an old High School friend I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with.  I planted a garden, have been working on crocheting (and this wonderful friend of mine took the time to spot *exactly* what I had been doing wrong all these years) and returned to jewelry-making.

I started another critique group, mostly because I craved the support and connection with a writing community.  I need to work on my writing, and I need connection to others with similar goals.

We’re doing all of the critique on Google Docs, and so it doesn’t have the chapter-by-chapter structure of my previous groups.  Right now, I’m thinking this can be more productive for me.  Mostly because I can ignore this sort of feedback until I am ready to address the revision (my main issue--adjusting the draft too early).

The job search for a day-job continues.  A friend on facebook shared an excellent quote on the subject, from a hilarious movie:

“Never give up! Never surrender!”

I must say, I think that as funny as that phrase came to be in the movie, it is an accurate mantra to convey my continued efforts.