Friday, January 25, 2013

All Moved! So What's on the table?

The boxes are being unpacked and I am somehow beginning to make sense of chaos.  I am enjoying my job, but now that the holidays are over it is turning into a very part-time position.  Which is okay, of course.  It just means I need more work *sobs.*

I am working on Silver Mask, again.  but I'm backtracking a touch and developing characters that I thought I had a handle on but who have changed in this draft.  So, I'm spending more time with them.

Also, my guy got me involved in the community behind a not-yet-released game.  And I'm loving the creativity, the people, and the idea behind this game.  So I'm working om my own character and that has meant doing some scifi writing.  Not usually my forte, but hey,I like trying new things.

In other news, it's lemon season again and I love lemon season.  Lemon bars, lemon poppy seed scones, lemon pepper chicken... and that's just for starters.

I will be posting fiction on my shiny new wordpress... and then I'll link to it from here :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

IWSG: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Here's another edition of IWSG: where we post our insecurities about writing and our goals. and this year, at least, I think my year is started off right!

While, yes, I will be moving yet again, and my laptop officially died, I achieved some pretty notable things in my non-writing life this holiday season: 

I got a job!-- in a bookstore!

I began attending a really awesome writing group!

My guy repaired an old laptop for my use (old laptop that is newer than the one that just died) and got me a laptop table/desk to make my habit of writing-on-the couch more comfortable. 

okay.. wait.. I suppose all of these things will be impacting my writing.  

The greatest benefit is that I am happy, positive,and everything seems doable.  

Which means I get to address my main writing insecurity this year: finishing something.  

That's my goal: finish the novella, and at least one of the two novels that I'm working on.  Edit and post short stories for sale.  And this year I will return to blogging whole heatedly , rather than sporadically writing short little posts.  I like deadlines, I like goals. So I'm going to work really hard at keeping myself to them this year.  

Why do I have a problem finishing things?  

I think it's just been a matter of discipline, honestly.  I need to return to being disciplined.  But I know that everything I required to help lift me from my mental fog--I now have it.  So I should be able to finish something this year, because I should (after this next move) be able to return to a disciplined and structured life.  

But when i let something sit long enough the characters change in my head, and then the plot shifts.  I know I have to write quickly to finish something, and taht based on whatever else i have in my life fast is relative.  But I suppose after the move my days off should include marathon writing sessions. I need to get ahead of the thoughts, the planning, the characters.  

I think this makes me a pantser, for all my carefully arranged plots, characters timelines and dictionaries... when it gets down to it, I write in a very stream-of-consciousness manner. Everything formal, I guess, comes in a revision. a whole different skill that I am working on mastering and has come with its own insecurities (or developed them, more likely) -- which I can elaborate on next month!

What was the hardest writing project you ever completed (or had a hard time completing)?