Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Focussing On One Thing: IWSG

One month later... and another IWSG post where we share insecurities and successes, month by month.  See what it's all about and all the awesome people who participate over at Alex J. Cavenaugh's site here.

Last month I talked about finishing things and posting more on my blog.  Well, posting has been lax.   I've been unpacking, organizing and working.  All of these things are good for the soul, I think.

My situation currently isn't a spectacular one. So much is still terribly chaotic. However, I have had an overwhelming sense of starting fresh this move--despite any of the less desirable particulars.

My job is amazing.  Being surrounded by books has helped me recommit myself to reading all the wonderful books I have on my shelf, but have, somehow, not quite read.  It has also done wonders for my self-esteem to realize how many different topics and books I can talk to my customers about.  Somehow, I had lost sight of these and drowned in self-criticism.

Does my writing suffer the same?

Likely.  I think that some years ago, when I successfully finished some (now shelved) manuscripts, I had found the means to focus on one thing.  Indecision and insecurity go hand in hand and I find all these ways to justify juggling multiple projects without finishing one.

I get close, at Nano, to finishing something. But I suppose at the moment it might take me two months of laser-focus to produce a rough draft.  I think that will be my goal this month, suppressing distraction and focusing on a single project.Then, perhaps, by the end of April I will have a completed draft.

So I suppose that's a goal that I can set and monitor each month with these posts.


  1. Hi! It's incredible to read that so many of us go through the same things. I currently have 4 WIPs, and that's just madness. So I resolved to stop stressing over all of them and work on the world-building of my most ambicious project, which is a high fantasy and need most of my attention.
    And enjoying what you do in your day-job can only help, right? My day-job is a nightmare. It's refreshing to learn that not everyone has my bad luck :)
    Anyway, come say hi at my February IWSG post. I'm #205 at Alex's list.

  2. Will do! And thanks for you comment. I'm really in a similar place as you!

  3. I hope things are less chaotic for you soon. I find it hard to concentrate when things are in flux.

  4. Thanks. Me too, actually, and things have been in flux for far longer than I am comfortable with. However, I think at the very least, I've developed a "new normal," and that should help immensely with the whole focusing/concentrating thing.