Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IWSG & Nano

This past month I moved.  Again. Most of my insecurities have revolved around not having the most stable life, but ironically in the spurts of writing I've managed I've noticed a lot of growth in my storytelling and style.  

We are temporarily staying with a friend, just until we can get our feet under us.

This past month we--my guy and I-- hauled our belongings to our friend's house in car loads, one truck load, and so many boxes.  I have been putting things together piece by piece and marking the majority of my/our belongings for sale.  We held one yard sale at the old place, on our the last day there.   This weekend, we'll be holding another, here.

It is freeing to unload so many belongings.  I feel that I am letting go of an earlier life, and in the emptiness I can recreate myself, my life,  and my goals. Books are the hardest thing to part with, and I fear I am not going to lighten that load by much.

The move is helping me to parcel out what is truly important.  It's been an ongoing effort, that has whittled away much of the less important aspects of my life.  Which should work very well for my writing.

While I haven't had nearly the time to write I wanted this past month, I have chosen to participate in Nanowrimo, next month. I have been been brainstorming and it is going well so far. I am choosing to tackle a time period and location combination on my established world that I have not explored very thoroughly.  The prospect of more insight, new characters, and a vastly different plot-style have me very excited.

I have completed some character outlines, rough sketches and next will be addressing summarizing and outlining. In all, I think I'm on track to complete this project in a month. However, it is also a period of time that will help develop certain nuances in the main WIP, so if I don't complete it, the effort will still improve my current project.

Choosing that option feels smart to me, because there is no way I *won't* get something out of this challenge. That feels like the right attitude to carry into the challenge.  Meanwhile, it's been a stress reliever to play with the ideas, and build the story in my head, while moving.

I am looking forward to having more achievements next month!  While the circumstances of this move have been miserable, I think this was exactly what I need to find my center again.


  1. I participated in NaNo last year and it was great. It gave me that push I needed just to get writing. I haven't decided if I will do it this year again or not!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  2. Good luck with moving and everything. That is super stressful, so it's something I rarely do. But, if you can find the good it in for yourself, then so much the better. Maybe NaNo will be good for you if you can't find the time in October to get much writing done. You could make up for it in November. :)

  3. Thanks, Allison and Cathy! I'm hoping to make up for it in November. I participated 2 years ago, and it taught me a lot, though I didn't finish. Hopefully this time will be different.

  4. I haven't participated in NaNo in the past, but I admire those who do! :D

  5. Hope you get back on your feet and put down roots soon! Moving is tough (I should know, I do it practically every year... HUGE pain) but it's fun to look at it as a new beginning. Good luck with everything!