Monday, October 15, 2012

90's Blogfest

Sorry all, posting late in the day due to some technical a completely dead laptop.

This is my entry for the 90's Blogfest hosted by Dave Wrote This , a wonderful idea.

The 90's spanned, for me, from 1st grade to 11th grade.  The film and literature certainly left a major impression on me.

1990 -- Home Alone.  The 1st one, as  a total kid fantasy, I loved it.

1991 --Beauty and Beast, by Disney, was one of my favorite movies that year.  I loved that Belle walked and read at the beginning, which was something my childhood friend and I had done, repeatedly, across the elementary school playground at recess, months before the movie's release.  Also, I was enrolled in ballet and tap dance class that year, and the popularity of this movie made it our recital -- copyright questions aside, I didn't actually understand what learning to tap the can can and dance in the Saloon scene meant--but I'm sure it was suitably funny and adorable for my parents.

1992 --Batman Returns and Aladdin were my highlights of the year, even as Tim Burton's Batman got odder, I liked DeVito's Penguin and Pfeiffer's cat woman as a 4th grader.  This year I read Jurassic Park, which my mother had loved and was preparing for the movie.

1993 --Jurassic Park.  It was seriously fun watching my little brother hide his head at his first grown-up movie.  It was my first experience watching a movie I'd read the book for, though I must confess some of it had certainly gone over my head, in book form.  Knowing about what was going to happen on the big screen and remembering it from the novel was very exciting for my young self.  It had also catapulted my reading level well beyond my  expected age-level for literature.

1994--Forrest Gump -- Loved this movie.  A year after it came out, I had the opportunity to take a drama class through a summer program located at the local University, and they made a big point (likely due to his success in this movie) to state that Tom Hanks had performed in that very theater--a tiny theater that Sacramento State has since revamped and looked nothing like it's former self when I attended the University a little more than a decade later.

1995--Toy Story.  Loved the concept, and loved a movie about imaginative kids the same year I faced the horrors of middle school and all that brought.  Not my best years, but one of my favorite movies.

1996--Dragonheart, not because it was the best movie of the year, though I did love it, but because it was my first date ever.  So...that was something.

1997--Men in Black, it made my 13-year-old self laugh. And Will Smith was the only celeb I ever crushed on.  Hey, I was 13...

1998 -- There's Something About Mary -- because among my Freshman class, it was the must-see-movie.

1999 -- The Matrix and The Mummy.  The Matrix was, well, the Matrix and it shaped High-School Geek Consciousness.  The Mummy I liked because I was already developing an interest in archaeology and ancient history, alongside a healthy love of fantasy.

My taste was not terribly sophisticated, but I guess it does grant some insight into my experience of the decade :)  


  1. Lots of great movies there. Forrest Gump, The Matrix, and Men In Black for sure! And hey, there's nothing wrong with Will Smith... my mom had a crush on him too! :)

    I liked your list, it was nice to get a younger perspective on the decade. Most of the other bloggers are a few years older than me and/or remember so much more than I did.

  2. Thanks, Insomniac #4 :) Because I was so young, I think that's why I chose to discuss them as I did. The 90's were such an important decade for me...and they seem like another world now.

  3. Thanks for taking part. There's nothing unsophicated in your list at all.

    I'm working on a debrief of sorts at the moment.

    Dave Wrote This