Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tagline/Logline Blogfest

Hello, again!

I'm posting a little late because I had a full day. My writers' group held a rummage sale this morning, which went well. We are raising money to self-publish our second anthology of short stories. Our city kind of thinks itself a small town and so we're trying to generate activities, events, and such to create the more literary community we're all craving.

That said...thanks Bryan! My tagline/loglines for Silver Mask are below. Silver Mask is my current Manuscript (though in the midst of a revision). Let me know which works best! Thanks!

1)Kyr's family and title collide after his sister's murder, and suddenly he must champion a rebellion against the fragile Empire or let his niece die.

2)After Kyr's sister is murdered he must reconcile family and duty to protect his young niece, but this requires him to lead a rebellion against the fragile Empire.

3)When his sister is murdered, Kyr places the protection of his young niece's above all else, despite her life hinging on his ability to lead a rebellion against an already fragile empire.


  1. Drea, I definitely think #2 is the best logline. You might expand it a little though - maybe a word or two about why there's a conflict between family and duty and how protecting his niece forces him to lead a rebellion. Is his family siding with the Empire? How is being involved in a rebellion going to help him protect his niece? One would think it would put her in further danger. - Just some thoughts from someone who is untrained.

  2. I also liked the second one the best. I kind of like the wording "an already fragile kingdom" in the third one. Maybe do a little combining?

  3. Hi there! I liked # 3 the best--seemed the most intriguing.

    Great job! What an interesting story.

  4. Thanks! This is very helpful :D