Friday, July 12, 2013

Looking for Events in Sacramento?

So... what's been up with me?  Camp nano--over halfway through my project.  That feels really good, by the way.  And... just in case anyone is in Sacramento this month, I thought I'd mention some of the events that will be going down at my work.

The California State Fair is kicking off, and we will be working with the group running the authors' booth. This is really exciting for me.  Anyone who may have seen my posts from a few years ago might see that, aside from writing, generating and being a part of a writing community is one of the things that makes me very happy and excited.  I guess that comes with the territory.

So, naturally, I love my job. Surrounded by books, with the opportunity to speak with readers and other writers, anywhere from the aspiring to highly accomplished--how could I not love it?

I will be expanding on the events that will be taking place this month on the blog here.    

If you are up for the fair, stop on in!  Say hi :)


  1. I live 45 minutes away, just up I-5. I really should go to the state fair this year. If for nothing else, to see your booth. Let me know when and where you'll be located so I can stop by and say HI if I'm able to attend.

    Good luck with the promotions :)


  2. Come into the store when you're in Sac! The state fair authors will also be in our store tomorrow & next weekend (next weekend is the last weekend). On weekends I work Saturdays 11-3 :D