Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Project

I'm excited to stretch my skills a bit with a new (if small) project. My younger brother, Brandon Moore, is trying to get into the music industry. He's not as interested in being a musician as he is in recording and making music videos. He is starting to get a few commissions and so slowly enter the field. That said, when this new R&B song was handed to him to create a video for he came to me to compose the "Treatment." (I hope I'm getting the jargon right :P )

I'm compiling the "story" that he will express visually. It feels more like creating a visual poem than a true story, because there isn't a real story arc. Instead, it's compiling a string of scenes that go together, convey a message that compliments the mood of the song. It's a little funny for me to think this way. I always feel that my descriptions are lacking in my stories. My first drafts are full of dialog and people doing things (plot, I love plot) but the description isn't penciled in until the revisions. Or at least, I feel it isn't fleshed out fully until that point.

So here's hoping that thinking in images will help fiction writing :D


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