Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Resolving Disorder & Restoring Momentum

Unpacking boxes that feel more endless than I know, logically, that they are. The missing component that I am lamenting the most is my laptop charger. Thank goodness between me and the guy there's something like 6 computers-- 2 desktops (one of which is mostly being used for parts) 2 laptops, a netbook and a tablet.

But in one of my less-than-bright moments, I downloaded the WIP from Google Docs (makes sense to do it there when the laptops and netbook end up falling into a "general use" category) onto my laptop. Then I promptly forgot that I had done so.

I opened the doc from the other laptop, which, thankfully and luckily, had actually remained with its charger, only to realize i had two missing pages.

I usually reread after a break to get back in the swing of the story. But I think that in this instance, I'm going to have to skip to the next chapter.

When thinking about my stories, I tend to skip around in time. But when I attempted to write that way, it never seemed to work out for me. Instead, plunging head on in a thoroughly linear fashion has worked best.

Which has always seemed a bit contrary. I think one way, and I work another--but I suppose that's how it is.

I know that I shouldn't let a little thing like a laptop charger that was shoved in just the wrong box hold me back. I mean, that's the entire reason for the cloud right? Any device, anytime, anywhere?

So stealing myself to skip to the next character, skip to the next scene, and go on. I can add the missing scene when I find the charger :(

Missing more momentum is the dangerous bit. Can't lose momentum.


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