Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plans and Ideas

I have learned a few things recently. One, I kinda like posting some of my fiction here. Two, I'm working on commenting on other blogs. I am an invisible stalker on some blogs, follow others and check in randomly on all my faves. I love reading advice for writers. I love reading news pertaining to the industry. But li'l o' me?

While I got the urge to participate in the blogosphere, I think the "online platform" bit is something I've been learning. What should it be? How do I communicate myself in this manner?

One of my best friends (yes, I know you're reading this) raised a few good points earlier this week. I guess my struggles with the writing process have me. She let me know that as a reader/non-writer, the process fascinates her. I figured that as many of us are writers, we all know exactly how much blood we squeeze out over the keyboard. Then I remember my friends in my writers' group. Yeah, we all fight life and piece together our writing in what corners and times we can, but we do it differently. And sometimes, life changes. When it does (and this is what I'm learning the hard way at the moment) techniques that worked in the past for your younger self, might not work now. So, sometimes new things need to be attempted. It's very helpful to know how others face their own struggles and overcome them, because they might provide the keys to working out what you need to work out.

Yes. The "you" here is really a "me."

So I am going to work on posting exactly what's up in my writers' group. I'll post some of the background pieces that aren't going to make it into anything but can provide my readers with a taste of my style and an intro to my characters/world.

Hope everyone will like it!


  1. All of the invisible stalkers out there, raise your hand!
    *raise hand*

    You already know this, but if other writers do not write about their struggles/problems you would never learn what they have learned. :D

  2. It's good to know you've come to that realization and seem to be moving in the right direction. I just started writing again... with some seriousness. :( Hoping to get something submittable for the short stories. So, I've also become active on the bloggy things. So don't be surprised if you get a call along the lines of "Drea! I'm drowning!"

  3. I've just recently started "participating" in the blogosphere myself and can I just say: It's amazing! This community is so supportive, so encouraging and just, so friendly! If you put yourself out there you won't regret it.

    EVery writer's struggle is a different one, and as a writer myself, I still find all of them fascinating. When I'm having a bad day, it's comforting to know I'm not alone. When I'm having a good day it's amazing to celebrate it with others. I posted my first ever bit of my work this past Tuesday and, I was so nervous about it, but apparently I didn't need to be! Everyone was so supportive and interested.

    It's a great community out here! Don't be afraid to dive in!