Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Google IO

It's another day in this geeky abode and yes, we're livestreaming Google IO again this year.

I love the discussion of new technology, and it always leaves me with increased curiosity about exactly the direction our future is headed.  This year, Google has not premiered crazy futuristic technology like the Glass they demoed last year.  But they are streamlining and updating everything they have.

From Google+, to search, to maps-- everything gets a makeover.  Certainly this is very exciting for a consumer of Google products like myself as it's all about making the technology smoother and more functional.

It feels a lot like the background, taken-for-granted technology of a science fiction novel. We've made it to the future, and what does it mean?  Where do we go now?

It feels to me that a foundation for some very amazing technology is being created.  Like Google promises, the technology is on the road to stepping aside so we might get to living.  I like living, so that is appealing.

But what does the world look like where we take all of this technology for granted?

I know for many, it feels that this time has already come.  But for me, the "taken for granted" is part of not consciously thinking about using technology. Right now, whatever device I am using, I am thinking about it.  From one screen to the next, swiping typing and charging.  It takes time, effort, memory for all of these things.  Yes, it isn't much, but it isn't as natural as placing one foot in front of the other, or smiling or laughing. Some of those things, we do so effortlessly, so naturally and habitually that we don't think of them.  Those actions we take for granted.  

I feel that technology certainly wants to get there.  A completely automated house like a particular Bradbury story.  What happens when it does?  When we engage with the computer as naturally as we would another human?  A pet?

What does that world look like?


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