Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My life is much the same, I am still applying for work, and that on-going effort has continued to make me very insecure and feed my self doubt.  But I decided to participate in Nanowrimo, and this project has given me a healthy obsession.

I have surpassed 16000 words on my Nano-novel and it feels great!

Focusing on this project has made me feel that I can achieve things, again.  The outpouring of support and likes I have received on Facebook has kept me motivated and dedicated to reaching my goals.  I know I need more positive affirmation sometimes than a person should rightfully expect from their friends and family, especially when so much of my life feels like a train wreck.

I used to use my writing to cope.  But the guilt I can come to associate with doing something I "want" to do over "need," to do gets in the way of me achieving anything in my writing.

So Nano has been the perfect excuse to lay the demons to rest.

I even handled an interview with a far more level headed approach than the previous ones -- about a year ago.   Still didn't get the position, but I haven't let that devastate me, either.

I am killing off characters in this draft, which is new for me. Destroying fictional people is a fine alternative to wallowing.  

No wallowing.

Just another 3k words today and a few applications off in the mail....

Yes, that is positive achievement.

In other notes:  I've been working on getting my blog into some shape that I *like* and the last few templates have been buggy.  As you can see, this one si not perfect either.  I've already started piling through the codes and trying to translate bits of it... Though I would also be open to assistance/advice as to how to get the day/post title to *Not* overlap.

Please inform me if you spot any other issues (and good tutorials  as to how to fix issues are also welcome).



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  1. Go for it! Glad NaNo has given you motivation and confidence. Keep writing.
    And I hope you find a job soon.