Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 Midway Through

I started out this year saying: “2012 will be better!” and mostly, that’s been true.

The trials have been different this year, and I have found some excellent friend-support, in the form of an old High School friend I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with.  I planted a garden, have been working on crocheting (and this wonderful friend of mine took the time to spot *exactly* what I had been doing wrong all these years) and returned to jewelry-making.

I started another critique group, mostly because I craved the support and connection with a writing community.  I need to work on my writing, and I need connection to others with similar goals.

We’re doing all of the critique on Google Docs, and so it doesn’t have the chapter-by-chapter structure of my previous groups.  Right now, I’m thinking this can be more productive for me.  Mostly because I can ignore this sort of feedback until I am ready to address the revision (my main issue--adjusting the draft too early).

The job search for a day-job continues.  A friend on facebook shared an excellent quote on the subject, from a hilarious movie:

“Never give up! Never surrender!”

I must say, I think that as funny as that phrase came to be in the movie, it is an accurate mantra to convey my continued efforts.  


  1. I started a writers group here in my hometown for similar reasons- I want that kind of connection with others. Good luck with your group!

  2. Thanks :) Good luck with your too :)

  3. Did you see the link to my blog that I posted on FB, Drea? I talk a little bit about how my granny use to crochet. You might find it interesting. I'm glad things have been getting better for you. As you said, hang in there with the job search and if I come across anything that you might find useful I'll definitely let you know. :)