Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden Carried Me Away

So the last two weeks I got my very first garden going.  Having been moved in for a few months, my focus has been on getting things-- life-- in roughly the order I require.

Also, in there, I had a week dedicated to job applications.  The hunt continues!

I have to say, the garden is really helping maintain routine.

Concerning the WIP, I hit a bump. I do this, much like with the blog--plunge headlong and then...tangent!... and off I am working on something else.  Sometimes this is because, like I did with the WIP, the direction the characters were leading me on was a little different than the one I thought I was on.  So...I break...and let the whole thing mull over in my head.

I have not always liked myself for these breaks.  I think I should be able to work as hard and focused as i know I am capable of--all the time.  But, part of this whole facing-myself-as-an-adult, is learning to accept my patterns as they are.

I can work better when I can work around myself, without holding to unrealistic expectations.     


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