Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Starts Dreary

I woke up not quite feeling well today, as if i hadn't slept well enough or long enough. Neither of which were true. I stumbled through my shower, the picture taking for today's blog posts and am slowly forcing the coffee down. I hate slow mornings, they make me feel lazy, even when it is nothing I can fight.

The weather, too, on this the 1st of June very odd. Thunderstorms have descended. Winter still has Northern California in its grasp. But it should be getting on towards summer. The weather has been so odd...

Could my feeling sleepy and unwell be related to this weather? Do we react when the weather changes? Can we use this in writing?

Sounds farfetched...? But what if sunny weather gives one character energy, and makes another sleepy? Can this be used to influence actions, conversation, while also weaving in details about the environment? If the weather is odd, how the character reacts to the weather may well give us 1) insight to character, 2) insight to world, 3) time reference (something I generally have trouble including) and 4) Plot development (if the weather is a sign of something gone wrong, magically or other).

What do you think? Can you write a scene like this?


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