Saturday, February 5, 2011

On the Quest for a Blog-Makeover

A few months back, I started to realize that I wanted a new look for this blog. I also want to tackle things a little more regularly...and consistently. However the quest seemed to take up my blogging I'm posting even though I do not have the perfect new template installed.

What's gonna be new:

I am going to have daily posts on the following topics:

Media Mondays
Technique Tuesdays
Wednesday World Building
Theme Thursdays
Fiction Fridays

On Mondays I'll talk television, movies, books, etc.

Tuesday and Wednesday are pretty self-explanatory.

Thursday's themes will deal with academic ideas, and how to implement them consciously, or recognize them in your writing or in books you are reading. The first I'm going to address is Anthropology because i know it best :P Not to sat that a BA makes me an expert--far from it, but i am more familiar with Anthropological discourse than--oh, say--Philosophy or Psychology.

Fiction Fridays--fiction that will be blog only, based on the world that I am developing on Wednesdays.

So I hope to get the new template set up tomorrow :P

Here goes!


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