Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sylvanopolis Writers' Society.

I wanted to take a minute to discuss the organization I am building and why.

My grandpa (apparently) knew I'd be a writer when I was 8. I knew at 11. I have sought to write and hone my craft for the past 16 years. But there were times in high school and college, especially, where the resources to get where I wanted to go took as much time to research as any school work. Naturally, this meant less time to actually write.

But writing, and sustaining writing itself...that is essential.

So what if there was a magical place that had all the info you needed in a central location? Libraries, right?

Okay, so Roseville Library is awesome. They've been hosting some amazing workshops and events. But a suburb...

What about down here? In the city of Sacramento? The capitol of the state that has hollywood? the Silicon Valley? Honestly, all the writers seem to vacate the area for the Bay. But that leaves kids in Sacramento and the surrounding area, with little literary enrichment. Not to mention writers-with-day-jobs in the region!

Like I said, Roseville Library is doing some awesome things here. So is the Capitol City Young Writers program.

But again, I feel that I comprise a group currently being neglected. Both of these programs are located in upper middle class to wealthier locations in the overall Sacramento Area map. What about those of us from truly middle class backgrounds? It is hard for writers to find...well...other this city. Not to mention changing behavior patterns as we become increasingly internet dependent.

In fact, half of my support from other writers here and on facebook is with writers I've never met face to face. But there is something strangely motivating and encouraging about building connections that way...

So when I found myself developing a network of critique groups, I didn't want to stop there. I want to help foster a central location where writers can find:

1) Resources to help them learn what they need about craft
2) Resources that help them progress toward publishing
3) Resources that help them promote their work immediately prior to & post publication
4) Local events where they can meet other writers
5) Local publications that help them develop a publishing repetoire (like writing articles for newsletters for the organization. Fostering a sharing of knowledge beyond the critique groups)

--But I don't want the whole thing to be IRL. I mean, that isn't applicable to how we experience life anymore. Life is a hybrid of Virtual and IRL (In Real Life) experiences. So the organization has to generate the same sort of dual existence, and it needs an infrastructure to do this.

--I am applying for non-profit status so that a Board and Administration can set up an educationally-foocused public benefit corporation to provide a centralized location IRL and Online for writers to come to.

--Yes, I know there are organizations currently in existence. Many, like SFWA require you publish a book first, prior to registering. Some are purely virtual. But no matter how internet dependent we become, we are not going to neglect the real-life need to connect with others. So we will reach out to existing writing groups as well as individual writers. We want to help them find places to come to for connection, education, and involvement on both planes. That is something I feel has been missing.

--I will be updating the website shortly. I will include the whole plan there. Please, visit next week when all is up and ready for viewing :D

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  1. No, kidding. We need to give attention to real space as well as cyberspace in bringing us writers together. Cyberspace only goes so far with the relation between people, including writers and artists. I'll definitely come back here to read over the plan.