Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time, It's On my Side--Not!

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If I were to personify life, it would be as a greedy old man trying to devise new ways to hinder and distract. I can hear evil chuckling right now.

T.V. shows, friends and family, responsibilities that stack one atop the other. Squeezing in time for myself to read and write can be a struggle.

Off goes the phone. The laptop firmly closed and tucked away in a bag. No more Pandora. Don't reach out to me, don't see me--just let me slide into invisibility for a minute, to catch my breath. There.

I've got my new glasses, so I'm returning to reading before bed. I write in the afternoon, before cooking dinner. I have to plot my time, my days, around responsibilities and when I have an hour or two to sit alone, and pound out words on the keyboard--I take it.

But I try to keep those times regular. Anticipated. Scheduled.

That can be difficult. People are unpredictable factors.

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Difficult isn't impossible. It makes the journey more worth it.

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With organization and a little time management everything falls into place...
And then, too, I have to forgive myself when everything doesn't go according to plan. There are days, weeks, moths, years--even--where allowing wiggle room is essential. :D

I will keep on going! I will improve each time. Just some hard work. Perseverance. But I did that with college right? Juggling work and school and writing? So I can do it now.

It's all about the journey :D


  1. I agree, it's all about the journey. But the time management stuff certainly helps the process along!

  2. Sometimes I think time is my worst enemy. LOL But as Lydia said, time management "certainly helps"! Myself: it's nearly, if not, impossible to hold down time to get everything you want done, but the management of time at least helps you make some accomplishments, and that's especially great if those accomplishments are the most essential ones.