Monday, August 23, 2010

Old Books

About a week ago, my guy finished Sanderson's Warbreaker and comes to me asking "What should I read next?"

Naturally, I have a lot of books. At one point I had read all that I have on my shelves, but a few years ago my collection surpassed my ability to keep up. and I have become very picky about new books. I find myself going to the bookstore and browsing, just browsing. I'm completely indecisive! Some little voice says: But you haven't finished X yet, you really should. And my budget and eye-strain prompt me to hold'll still be there next year, and if not...well, it'll be online.

So I didn't have a new book to share. I puzzled through my bookshelves, thinking: "He likes adventure, the high fantasy stuff...Goodkind, Keyes, Sanderson...and there, I found a book I'd nearly forgotten about. Aurian, by Maggie Furey. Yes, you can find it on Amazon. I read the book in 96/97 when I was 13. I loved it. I remember that I was enrolled in a private Independent Study School that year, and my mother had fits trying to get me to do my homework. I distinctly remember Aurian stashed atop a large bookcase to prevent me from reading rather than studying. I pulled a chair over, snatched the book, and returned it to it's supposed captivity before my parents returned home from work.

But now as my guy mentions snippets of plot I realize I have forgotten so much...I think it might be time to reread my most formative books. My favorite books, most of which were published from 94-2000. Since then, I've just gotten picky...and I think anthro readings have inspired me to look at world building a bit differently :P


  1. There are so many books I want to read, but I've been tempted to read some old ones too. When I was nineteen, I really enjoyed The Accidental Tourist. Last week, I reread it to see if it had the same impact. It did. I want to read To Kill A Mockingbird next.

  2. To Kill a Mocking Bird is excellent :D I want to reread "Beolved," and "House of Spirits," "Brave New World," and so many others right now :D

  3. Hi,

    Found you via Dawn's blog (word painting blogfest). I make of point of signing up and following every one who entered so that I don't miss a contribution on blogfest day!

    It's good to read old books alongside new ones -a lot of old books 1940-1960 eras are better edited!