Monday, February 8, 2010

A Bit of Market Analysis for E-Readers

I'm not an iPad lover. I'm still looking for the ideal e-reader, but one requirement of my e-reader will be versatility. I, as a consumer in the 18-34 age range want an all in one device, or something close to it. I want an e-reader/laptop replacement. The iPad is not that.

So I got confused when a few blogs I've been following featured links to articles that praised the iPad. Was I completely wrong? Was the cafe hangout and discussion session I had with my friends poor selection of the consumer market? At a loss, I went to to see exactly who was reading these articles. What I discerned was that the greatest segment of the audiences of and are 35 to over 50 years of age. Generation X and Babyboomer readers, that's who their selling the iPad too.

Fair. Wiki Millenial or Gen Y and you can see that the 18-34 year olds are facing the greatest level of global unemployment in decades. So are we buying? Or are Gen X and Babyboomers expected to buy for us?

If so, they better make a stop by Gizmodo,where a greater number of our generation follow the gadget-news. There, the iPad is a joke. It doesn't meet the expectations of the up-and-coming generation. Sorry, Apple. We went for the iPhone and iPad, but you can't use the same tech over and over and keep our loyalty thus.

So the gamble the iPad (Apple) and the Publishers investing in it are making is based on the buying power of the Babyboomers. I love my parents, but such a marketing strategy is shortsighted.

I really would like to know how short-sighted marketing and production is going to help our economy. But -- I'm just speaking from a Millenial-consumer perspective here.


  1. I'm in the Gen-X demographic, and I'm still waiting for an e-reader I can lust after. I'll make the switch when I find one that calls to me. I'm running out of shelf space anyway.

  2. I would like an e-reader that has pages like a book and shape like a book and smell like a book...except it can store like 4,000+ books on it, and gives me access to the internet.