Monday, July 16, 2012

A New Week

So after an attack of laziness and general feelings of being "unwell" I got back to business last Friday, beginning with housework.

I don't know what it is about housework, but whenever I've felt the need to assert more control over my life, or if I've been sick and suddenly regained energy, or anything of that ilk--the first thing I do after overcoming a slump is housework.  Dishes, laundry, cleaning mopping and the sort has just become one of those therapeutic things that I never used to value, but over the last few years have become increasingly important for the sake of keeping me...sane, I suppose.

During my laziest day last week, I lapsed into childhood and indulged in a Hulu anime marathon.  Persona 4, which was a game made into a pretty fun and enjoyable anime, that went a long way to making me feel better.  My first ever marathon was Sailor Moon at about 13 or 14, one summer time, off of VHS tapes I had received for my birthday (I believe). I watched a whole season/cycle in a day, and had never watched so much TV before in my life.

My eyes stung, my head hurt, and I wanted more of the story.

My opinion on that particular anime has changed as my perspective grew more adult.  But as a kid, Unagi/Serena seemed to have it all: pretty, loved by friends, and was important to the whole world because she had this grand destiny and stuff.  A definite kid fantasy.

Now, I enjoyed Persona 4 because while it shared the emphasis on friend loyalty, it had much more complexity than something like Sailor Moon's Monster-a-Week motif. Including a mysterious serial killer.

I also picked up an old book off my shelves last week: The Hidden Stars, by Madeline Howard, and am definitely getting into this one! I'll talk about it more later :)


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