Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dreamer Issues

I'm a dreamer.  I'm a writer--so this is no surprise.  But one of the things that I seem to do well is come up with ideas for things outside of writing.  I always seem to have a project that I want to engage in.

This I know, is a bit of a distraction.  It is hard, sometimes, to maintain focus.  Why?

Because all I really want to do is write, I end trying to plan my perfect day job which is not one in which I work for anyone else, but am able to make the income i require to make ends meet and foster my writing.

Thing is, the income bit can't be guaranteed.  No amount of planning, no amount of dotting i's and crossing t's will guarantee that what I want to happen will happen as quickly as I need it to happen if I threw myself into it...

So I end up telling myself that it is an "eventual goal" and that I will still pursue full-time positions.  But if I do get a full time position--these projects which were hatched as ideas in order to compliment my writing will end up eating into my writing time.  My issue?  I feel that if the job doesn't compliment my writing--it is the thing eating up my writing time.

False.  It is on me to plan my time and to make certain that I focus on what is most important.

My writing,.

Why do I let myself get so easily distracted? Is it procrastination, because even if my current job is part-time, I love it enough to be afraid to move on?


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